The inextricable trajectory of Dick Verdult aka Dick El Demasiado:

Visual artist, musician, author and filmmaker Dick Verdult, also known as Dick El Demasiado, has been pioneering his whole career, starting with interactive cinema in de 70’s, with punk television in the 80’s, with group-performances and internet in the 90’s, and with cumbia and the distortion of popular culture in this present milenium.
His language distorts cliché’s, twists perspectives and is a continuos flow of mediatic manipulations.
His filmic concepts (both acid as well as humoristically serious) generate an attitude of playfulness or discomfort and can be realised in the most adequate discipline, without any artisanal preference.
Born in the Netherlands in 1954, he spent his early youth in Guatemala, Argentina, France and South Africa, moving some 20 times.
It is perhaps an explanation why his work is “conceptual barroc”, then again a case of “digital fluxus” or even better of “acid realism”.


  • University Paris VIII Vincennes 1973-1976 Film and Plastic Arts.
  • 1973-1990 CNAAV, 1st groupshow of videoart in Europe at Musee d’ar Moderne, Paris / Experiments Interactive fiction
  • Filmmaker and editor voor Punk programme NEON / VPRO
  • Independent filmmaker 4 hours of experiments in interactive fiction.
  • Exhibitions of his lino-cuts in notable galleries Lambert Tegenbosch, Living Room, Paul Andriesse.
  • Originator of art-collaborative group IBW (Institute for Affordable Lunacy, total consumed budget +- 500.000 euro, 1990-2003) with departments as Delight My Wires, Hiroshima Lightshow, G-Force Radio, Trashvideos, Brabodramax,, etc).
  • 2003-now Godfadda de las Experimental and Lunatic Cumbias music. Founder of Festicumex. with 5 cd’s, 2 vinyl’s, shows from Tijuana to Osaka, from Buenos Aires to St Petersburg, from Medellin to Amsterdam.
  • Art shows in Van Abbemuseum / Annet Gelink Gallery / Gwangju Biennale / Femsa Biennale / Museo del Chopo Unam Mexico / Fuga and ArtBo Colombia.
  • 3 novels published in Spanish by Cain Press.
  • Internationally distributed documentary about him by Luuk Bouwman “It is true but not here.
  • Directs hybrid musical documentary Viva Matanzas (50 mins).
  • IFFR Full-feature film If Yes Okay/Als Uw Gat Maar Lacht (93 mins).
  • These are the most important things. He is working on a film about Popular Distortion and writing a novel in Dutch about his very good experiences in Russia.


During all these wonderful endeavours he was and is accompanied by his gracious travelling painter and companion, Maria van Heeswijk.